From Double Glazing to Composite Doors in Cranleigh | Current Design Trends

Here at Heath Windows Ltd, we recognise that our replacement windows and doors provide as much in the way of aesthetics as they do performance. As such, it’s important that we stay ahead of trends related to composite doors, bi-fold doors, uPVC windows, double glazing and our wider range of products. While we never impose our own views on personal decisions that affect the design of someone’s property, we make sure that we’re ready to offer any help and assistance to our Cranleigh customers if they ever require it.


To take a first step toward your own brand new replacement windows and doors, we have taken a closer look below at the current trends surrounding some of our core products, from composite doors to uPVC windows.



Replacement Windows

When it comes to replacement windows, two of the most popular current trends include maximising natural light and a continued push to improve energy efficiency.


  1. Natural Light – The primary function of windows is to let natural light into rooms. It’s no surprise, then, that an increasing number of property owners in the Cranleigh area want to maximise this aspect when it comes to their replacement windows. In this regard, aluminium frames tick every box. With slimline, yet strong, frames, they maximise the area of double glazing, allowing much more light to flow inside.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Triple and double glazing has evolved to become highly energy efficient. Whether homeowners opt for uPVC windows or aluminium designs, they have the assurance that their glazing continues to lower their energy bills. What’s more the frames of wood, aluminium, aluminium composite and uPVC windows all offer their own impressive credentials when it comes to retaining heat.


Composite Doors

In regard to composite doors, current trends cover both ends of the design spectrum. We say this because the most popular composite doors come in either dark hues of grey and black or bright bursts of reds, yellows and pastel shades.


This actually reveals the much wider trend of composite doors themselves. They have become incredibly popular not just in Cranleigh but across the country due to their completely customisable nature. This includes choosing hardware and fittings to provide the perfect finishing touch, be it in a traditional or contemporary fashion.


Bi-Fold Doors

When talking about interior rooms, the term ‘space’ carries an awful lot of worth. As a result, bi-fold doors have witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years due to the open, light-filled ambience they create within Cranleigh homes. Not only do they make rooms feel larger, they create a flowing, continuous link to the garden during the warmer months, allowing for one large living space.


As an aluminium framed product, bi-fold doors also ensure a continuation of the darker frames and somewhat industrial look. This makes them a perfect partner for those thinking of changing their uPVC windows for aluminium designs. With double glazing fitted too, bi-fold doors also bring an unrivalled aesthetic with no compromise in energy efficiency.


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