Douable Glazing windows trends

There has recently been an increase in the demand for double glazing as people now know that it is one of the most energy-efficient choices. Though there are various types of windows you can choose from, interior designers always suggest their clients to include double glazing. They are quite popular in the world of interior designing.

It is not just about windows, double glazed is also used to make beautiful glass partitions and sleek glass stairways. You will be surprised to know that hundreds of homeowners in Sussex have already embraced double glazing because of their stylish properties and versatility. If you are also willing to enhance the appeal of your home by installing double glazing, know the latest trends ruling the market.

Douable Glazing windows trends

Installing Double Glazing In Sussex? Know The Latest Trends For 2020

  • Glass Installation In Shower Areas

Double glazed in wetrooms and walk-in showers are two of the most popular trends people have been following since last year. If you want the walk-in shower area to be both stylish and practical, install frameless glass as the shower screens. The ‘wow-factor’ of these made-to-measure screens can boost the appeal of your bathroom. Install the glass in such a way so that you get easy access to the shower area.

  • Frosted Glass

Though frosted glasses are not new in the glazing industry, they have now become the latest double glazing trend. They complement houses with a classic touch. Both fluted and frosted glasses are a reflection of the classical age. Fluted glass has now become an integral feature of glass processing cap. According to a survey conducted recently, more kitchen designers will start using fluted glasses for cabinets next year.

  • Energy Efficient Doors And Windows

If you are planning to undertake a home renovation project, replace the old doors and windows in your house with energy-efficient double glazed. It is not only about energy efficiency, homeowners prefer using it for doors and windows as they require very less maintenance.

  • Glass With Less Sightlines

The beauty of glass enhances if it has fewer obstructions. Glass with fewer sightlines will not only allow natural light to enter your rooms easily but also reduce your energy bills. Ask your double glazing installer to make door and windows with fewer frames and maximise the entry of light. You can also use patterned, ultra-clear and frosted glass to customise your glass doors.

Since you are now aware of the latest double glazing trends expected to rule 2020, it’s time you choose one and enhance the beauty of your interiors.